Working together with students and teachers to manufacture industrial grade robots using simple tools and materials.


Students will create new solutions to challenging problems by using a reiterative design philosophy to create the best solution.

Teaching and Inspiring

Student and Mentors alike teach each other the ways to build innovate and finance their team. Inspiring students to become the best they can be at any field they wish to be in.



Creating ideas to solve the problem, through brainstorming, CAD, and prototyping.


Prototyping, constructing, testing and refining the physical mechanisms of the robot, as well as constructing arena pieces for testing.


Electrical implements electronics, controls, and pneumatics systems for the robot. This includes wiring the robot and troubleshooting issues of the robot.


Programmers use Java to create teleoperated commands for the drivers, and autonomous live updating systems for autonomous periods.


Help Support Absolute Robotics

By making a contribution to our team you are helping create the engineers of tomorrow.

Robotics teams are complex organizations that always benefit from assistants of others. Monetary donations, mentors, transportation, food, and any other donations would be greatly appreciated.



A huge thank you to the companies that allow us to continue building amazing robots.