Absolute Robotics has wide reach in both its local and global community. At each regional competition alone, Absolute Robotics interacts with several supporting business and organizations, dozens of local robotics teams, and hundreds of fellow high school students, mentors, and industry professionals.

Our Vision

Absolute Robotics strives to promote STEM within the community by creating a positive learning environment where students can pursue their passion for STEM and develop their skills in engineering, programming, design, and business.

Our Goal

Absolute Robotics wants to continue being able to provide the opportunity for our community to experience what it is like to be a part of a world-class robotics team. Through lessons from senior members and mentors, engagement in the design and building of complex mechatronic systems, and participation in exciting competitions, we want to give them skills and experiences that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.


There are countless ways that you can give us a hand! The operation of an FRC robotics team is a costly endeavor, so financial sponsorships would go a long way towards helping us achieving our goals. Non-monetary sponsorships would are also greatly appreciated as well! This might include supplying raw materials like sheet metal or wood, providing key robot parts like electronics or pneumatics, machining or printing services, or catering for an event.


Any resources that you help provide will be directly used to help support the various activities that we do! Our funds will be spent on many needs, including the ones listed on the right. Additionally, any extra money raised will go towards helping decreasing member registration costs, making what we do more accessible to everyone and reducing the individual financial burdens on members.

Competition Registration

Robot Parts and Machining

Tools and Equipment

Team Clothing and Branding


In exchange for your sponsorship (both monetary and non-monetary), we are offering a variety of benefits based on the following tier levels: